How to make a four strand beaded bracelet

This is an easy tutorial on how to make a beaded four strand bracelet. I made it recently and I love the way it came out. Even though you may not be into beading this bracelet shouldn't be a problem to make.

what you need:

  1. Two strands of beads in different colors. Each strand measures about 120 cm
  2. 1/2 m ribbon
  3. matchbox
  4. sewing thread (not pictured)
  5. A pair of scissors (not pictured)

Making a four strand braid:

Start by folding the beaded strands in half. lay them on the piece of ribbon ensuring that the ribbon is at the center. Tie a knot using the ribbon and arrange the strands such that one strand forms the two middle strands and the other forms the outer strands.
I have labeled each of the four strands for reference.

1) Pass strand 1 over strand A and strand B over strand 2. Now 1 and 2 become the middle strands and A and B become the outer strands.

2) Cross strand 2 over strand 1

Steps (1) and (2) form the basis of the four strand braid.

3) Repeat step (1), this time pass strand A over strand 2 and strand 1 over strand B

4) Repeat step (2), this time pass strand B over Strand A

Now that you've got the pattern repeat steps (1) and (2) until you have enough bracelet length to go around you wrist.

Use sewing thread to tie up  the loose ends into a messy beaded "knot". Light a match stick and burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent them from running.

To tie the bracelet to your wrist, simply tie the free ribbon ends around the beaded "knot" and there you have it.

I love this tutorial because once you get a hang of the four strand braid, it's quite easy to do and the resulting bracelet is beautiful... no?

I think this would make a lovely gift to a special friend. Be careful though who gets your hand made goodies. I once had a friend complain to me that all I ever gave her for her birthday was hand made stuff yet she went out and bought cards and stuff for me.. My point is, not everyone appreciates hand made stuff and that's ok too but if you ask me, I would rather a hand made necklace with all it's flaws rather than a store bought card that took less than a minute to purchase..

Are you a fan of hand made goodies?

Glam kisses
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  1. I love to make hand-made jewellery and have made my own earrings and necklaces. Most of it ends up with my sisters though. Great tutorial.

  2. I don't mind hand made jewellery because of the unique factor. I have to try this out though. i have many broken beaded waistbands


  3. I love hand made stuff.
    HInt: My birthday is in just 8 months. Take your time... ;-)

  4. Handmade stuff show effort.Kul tutorial.

  5. I would take a hand made gift anyday. It's more thoughtful that way in my opinion. Think I have some to attempt this :-)

  6. Love the bracelet. Such a great DIY.

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